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I was hoping that my new life in New Zealand which started back in 2003 would somehow see me working with dogs. Along with me, was my husband Geoff and our 4 year old German Shepherd Alfie. Sadly, Alfie developed some arthritic joints and CDRM (chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy) towards the end of his 12 year life of which both conditions would have benefited from hydrotherapy. We then became the forever home for two Leonbergers, Rosie and Tawa.

Having fallen in love with this breed our family of Leos grew when Jeep came home in July 2014 as an 8 week old.  Sadly, Rosie died in June 2015 and Tawa in December 2016, both are still greatly missed. Moon a Golden retriever arrived in March 2017 and Shogun Jeeps son, March 2018.

However; Tawa as an 11 week old puppy back in 2011, was diagnosed with some laxity in her hips and therefore underwent a surgical procedure at 20 weeks of age to prevent the early onset of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. The procedure was a JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphysisiodesis) Her surgeon recommended JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphysisiodesis) and canine hydrotherapy to assist in her rehabilitation of which the nearest was located approx. 2 ½ hours’ drive away, logistically this was too far for us to travel twice weekly. We continued to search…

This was the best we could find!

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