About Jane

Qualified Canine Hydroptherapist

This was the best we could find

And the 4wetpaws  journey began

I was hoping that my new life in New Zealand which started back in 2003 would somehow see me working with dogs. Along with me, was my husband Geoff and our 4 year old German Shepherd Alfie. Sadly, Alfie developed some arthritic joints and CDRM (chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy) towards the end of his 12 year life of which both conditions would have benefited from hydrotherapy. We then became the forever home for two Leonbergers, Rosie and Tawa.

Having fallen in love with this breed our family of Leos grew when Jeep came home in July 2014 as an 8 week old. Sadly, Rosie died in June 2015 and Tawa in December 2016, both are still greatly missed. Moon a Golden retriever arrived in March 2017 and Shogun Jeeps son, March 2018.

However; Tawa as an 11 week old puppy back in 2011, was diagnosed with some laxity in her hips and therefore underwent a surgical procedure at 20 weeks of age to prevent the early onset of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. The procedure was a JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphysisiodesis) Her surgeon recommended JPS (Juvenile Pubic Symphysisiodesis) and canine hydrotherapy to assist in her rehabilitation of which the nearest was located approx. 2 ½ hours’ drive away, logistically this was too far for us to travel twice weekly. We continued to search…


Can I just turn up with my dog?

No, all dogs need to have a prior booking, If your dog has had surgery you also need either a Veterinary Registration form completed by your vet or, the discharge letter from the surgeon stating when you can start hydrotherapy. This ensures I know what conditions / injuries the dog has and also that the vet is happy for the dog to receive Hydrotherapy.

How can I book a session?

You can contact me on 07 573 5833 or 027 8135447. If preferred, you can email me with a convenient time for me to ring you to confirm a booking. If you leave a message please leave your name and contact number and I will return your call as soon as possible as I could be in the pool with another dog.

How long will my dog need therapy for?

Every dog is an individual with individual needs, therefore the effects of therapy are different for each one. Depending on your dog’s presenting condition and the desired goals, therapy can last anywhere from 1 month (a few visits) to a few months or longer if a maintenance schedule is necessary. Although the aim is to help a dog reach full potential as quickly and effectively as possible, there are those dogs that will benefit from and need regular therapy for maintenance.

Should I feed my dog prior to their swim?
I advise that you shouldn’t feed your dog for approximately 2 hours before a swim, and for at least 1 hour after.
How long will the hydrotherapy session be?

This is totally dependent on the dog itself, all sessions are tailored to the individual dog. I do not impose a fixed time – this could be detrimental to the dog. You are normally with me for approx. 30 to 45 minutes although the dog is not in the water for this length of time.

What will happen if I’m running late or miss my appointment?

Up to 15 minutes late: I can still go ahead with the planned session; however it will be cut short if necessary to prevent running late with sessions afterwards.

Over 15 minutes late: Depending on the diary I have that day, I may be able to go ahead with the session, however if there are more dogs booked in, unfortunately I will not be able to carry out the session and you will be charged for the missed appointment.

Missed appointments: If you fail to inform me that you cannot make the session, full session charges will be made, or a session taken off your block booking.

Cancellations: No charges will be made for legitimate cancellations, so long as I am informed with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

What if my pet can’t or doesn’t want to swim?

Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to non-walking dogs or for those dogs who have never swum before. The therapy is done in a very relaxed and caring way. Most dogs take to swimming easily although the first few sessions can be a bit splashy as they find their own ‘Style’. Life jackets are used for the majority of dogs. You are encouraged to bring your puppy to early learning sessions so that they can learn to swim in a safe environment, become confident in water, and learn to love being in it, not fear it.

My dog is a good swimmer and can swim for longer than 30 minutes, so why is their session shorter?

It is much easier for a dog to ‘Free Swim’ than it is to swim in our pool, in a hydro pool they have to use a lot more energy, the water is warm & thus tire quickly

How soon after a surgery can my dog begin therapy?
Normally with your vets approval, as soon as the stitches are removed. However with some orthopaedic surgeries it can be between 4 and 6 weeks before your Vet gives their approval for hydrotherapy to commence.
Are there any dogs that should not have hydrotherapy?
In some instances canine hydrotherapy is not recommend. You should consult with your vet before bringing your dog for hydrotherapy.
Will the chlorine in the pool hurt my dog?
Chlorine is used in most human swimming pools because it is the most effective method of ensuring the water is free from bacteria. Canine hydrotherapy pools have used chlorine safely for many years, however; all the dogs are rinsed thoroughly before leaving. For a small extra charge your dog can be shampooed.
Why do I need a veterinarian’s recommendation?

PURPOSE: To ensure that:

  • An accurate diagnosis of any condition being treated is known, together with details of any treatment, surgical procedure or medication that has been undertaken or administered to the dog.
  • The dog’s veterinarian has the opportunity to pass on any areas of danger or caution.
  • A qualified veterinary surgeon has deemed that the dog’s general state of health is such that it is safe for the animal to undergo hydrotherapy.

The dog’s veterinarian can be kept informed of the progress of any dog undergoing hydrotherapy treatment.

Please fully read the 4WetPaws Terms and Conditions as there is further information for your attention.